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There are two search options available on Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Quick Search is implemented via simple form in the right top corner of each page. It interprets the search query as words combination to search in product titles and descriptions. Only entries containing all the words will be displayed in search results. If you get too many search results, try adding words to your query, or use the Advanced Search option.

Advanced Search allows you to specify a number of parameters that describe search criteria more precisely.

(1) "Search Method" box specifies how your search query should be interpreted. It can take three possible values:

 Any word   -   to search entries containing at least one of the words from the search query. For example, searching Shareware River would return any reference to Shareware or River.
 All words   -   to search entries containing all the words from the search query. For example, searching Free Demo would only give you results that mentioned both Free and Demo.
 Exact phrase   -   to search entries containing the exact phrase you type into the search box. You do not need to add quotes, just enter the phrase you want to find. For example, New Release entered as a search query will return results that contain the entire phrase New Release.

(2) "Where to Search" box specifies a field of the product information you would like to search in. Available searched fields are: Product Title, Author/publisher and Product Description.

(3) "Category" box is designed to search a program within a particular category. Select "All Categories" if you are not sure which category might contain the program you are looking for.


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